Whisper Wall 5: Bloody conspiracy [Horror]

Title: Whisper Wall 5: Bloody collusion / Whispering Corridors 5: A Blood Pledge
Year: 2009
Genre: Mystery, Horror
Country: South Korea
Director: Lee Jong-yong
Duration: 01:28:08
Starring: Son Yong-seo, Oh Eun-seo, Jan and Ken, Son Mi-en

Description: Strange rumors began to circulate among the students of the Catholic High School, after the other night had killed one of the high school student Eun-ju. After the suspicious death of Eun-ju her younger sister, who is also studying at the school has decided to conduct its own investigation, during which she learns that on the night of that terrible incident with her sister three girls wanted to commit suicide after a joint decision of the oath of blood. But the strangest thing is that all three of them, but her sister remained alive.


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