History superglue

Such familiar now in use super glue was once a real discovery, generating numerous myths and legends. For example, a long time seriously believe that the main purpose of super glue is the bonding of various wounds.
Indeed, the super glue was created during the Second World American Coover, who conducted experiments to search for plastic gun sights for combat. As a result, he received a cyanoacrylate material that instantly harden in the air and spoiled all the objects in the laboratory, glue them tightly. A patent for a new kind of glue was obtained only in 55 and 59 adhesive already demonstrated by televizoru.

For a long time super glue was a major component of the American variety show in which ascertain their stunning property. New cyanoacrylate glue was able to agglutinate any surface, even if they were before not cleaned properly. Soon, the main problem was not the ability of super glue instantly and firmly glue any materials, and the ability to unstick the least harm these materials back.


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