Sugar production in Thailand

Thai phrase "we dance maprao" literally translates as "coconut juice." It is collected from a cut at the bud wood. (Note - the belt from the farmer on the bright rope hanging a special container - there it drains the juice from the other, smaller containers attached to the trees). Collectors juice scrambling to their workplace twice a day. Each tree must be incised, or it will cease to produce juice. Farmer incision with a sharp knife at the base of the flower buds, and beneath the notch set of small container to collect the sweet nectar, oozing from the incision. And after a couple of hours you can harvest. If you do not collect the juice before lunch, it is converted into alcohol.

Sweet liquid is discharged in large vats over an old stove, around the steam heat, some bees fly - they have to catch a slotted spoon.

The fuel used to heat the oven dry coconut shells, fibers and palm leaves. "Firewood" cut women.

Peeled coconuts.


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