Liquid for the firing

It's time to start. So listen well to me. Tell someone can who has not burned down, but put the coals in the brazier ... Propagate all forbidden and prohibited methods.

With the onset of heat starving the people, that is you going to fry kebabs. And the lights, the people, that is all of you, with terrible force.

I'm talking about the problems of severe burns and even some deaths when using different types of lighter fluid.

Traditionally, people pour a little dry coals. Ignited. Incendiary liquid rapidly vaporizes and burns, coals are not engaged, barbecue waiting for people nervous. Admit fatal mistake - topped up with fluid, seemingly extinguished embers. If there is even a small piece of coal, it will flash. Lights stream from a bottle, and because it is incomplete, it will explode within her couple.

Even if you have the experience of "topping up" - do not repeat. The composition of the "firing" may vary, and if the first time were heavy paraffins, the following can be added to gasoline, acetone. The explosion is inevitable.

If it caught fire - a heavy stew, not synthetic clothes. Quickly begin to pour cold water, but not from a puddle where shit. At least a couple of buckets, gradually to cool the heated portion. Freeze the patient is not necessary.

All zapenivaem panthenol and put a clean cloth, if there is no napkins and bandages. As anesthesia alcohol, damn, do not give. Let simple analgesics, but not a pack, so do not ruin the kidneys.

Calmly and without panic are taking to the hospital.
Incidentally, I did not write for the provision of first aid for burns. I wrote about the inadmissibility of topping lighter fluid, if someone became interested in the story and did not notice the main ...

To stupid to die, it does not necessarily have to be Berdan rifle and Kurt.

Do not get distracted. We remember.
I forgot to say - I work in burn centers.

All live.

via Sachkov



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