Six years ago, in my yard late autumn appeared cat

As in a previous life! Six years ago, in my yard late autumn came the cat which mewed loudly and shrilly. I closed the window that would not hear. My heart bleeds. Could not sleep! And the snow fell, and I realized that the cat will die because he looked bad.

I caught it in a drawer and took maintenance to the vet. Doc looked and said that I spend the time and the cat is not a tenant - he was in the remains of the engine oil is thoroughly licked - and now had a full stomach synthetics. As proof, farrier twisted zhivotinku ear and showed me that there are not all white and pink. And inside his lips, too, were almost white.

Then I looked at the doctor and said that I would return in the evening for a cat. Since Dr. employee I imperceptibly from priemschitsa his breast pocket gowns $ 100 in local currency slipped.

Came to pick up when - surprise. The doctor said that you can not wash solvent and water is useless. Therefore it lightly sedated and shaved under poodle Artemon. Castrated, and made all the vaccinations. The doctor said that the cat is not more than a year, and diarrhea he held only three months later. At the box office took about another 60 $.

A cat's eyes are different, one blue and the blind. And the cat is deaf.

But six years of life that I have in the studio is the girlfriend home have done their job. Kotyara matured and gained about 8kg :)

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That we are together, one of these days!

and last
photographed, he no longer wants :)



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