Earth will look like if all the ice melts on the planet

Ice on Earth an incredible amount - 24 million cubic kilometers. Ice is almost 32 times more than all the surface water. Earth will look like if all the ice melts?

St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region will be under water, and the Gulf of Finland will be up to the Great Novgorod and Pskov.
The water level in the Black Sea and the Caspian rise and form a channel connecting the two seas. The Caucasus is cut off in Asia, and turn from Crimea peninsula at this island.
Flood the entire Baltic region, the Netherlands, Denmark. Beautiful Venice disappear under water and will become an underwater museum.

North America
East Coast go under water, a Florida disappear. Leave the country under water Gulf of Mexico. Cuba virtually disappear under water. The least affected the US West Coast.

South America
Ocean water will flood the bed of the Amazon River and instead will bay. Western mountainous areas hardly affected, thanks Andes.

In Australia, the incredible happens - will become a desert sea.

The most populous and developed provinces of China - Shanghai, Singapore and Beijing will be flooded. Cambodia will be just a group of islands.
In India, like the Amazonian scenario in the Ganges riverbed gush ocean and flood densely populated territory.

Continent lose less territory than other continents. But disappear Cairo and Alexandria. And indeed the people of North African countries will be forced out into the wilderness.

With a blast of ice brought to the fore Antarctica will represent an archipelago of large and small islands. Well, it's not scary pigvinam.



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