As it was in Austria

It has become fashionable to compare "Putin" with Hitler, although we believe it is absolutely unacceptable.

Hitler, who would not consider him who has nothing to do with the pettiness entrenched in the Kremlin. And by this:

1. Hitler came to power in a completely fair election.
2. In just six years, Hitler's Germany rose from the ashes of completely destroyed, humiliated and devastated the country, has become a powerful European country. And most importantly - it was all done by the German people, not by the Tajik guest workers.
Try to draw a parallel with an event in the so-called "RF" in the past 15 years.
 - < What was it like in Austria

April 10, 1938 in Germany and Austria held a plebiscite on the Anschluss.

"Many Austrians believed that a strong alliance with Germany, even Nazi, desirable and inevitable for Austria that Austria can not long exist by itself, that it can only survive as a part of German Reich - wrote historian William Shirer. - In addition to the adherents of this view were ardent Nazis - the unemployed or having a job, whose number is constantly growing in the country. They are attracted by the opportunity to improve their situation. Many Catholics have been involved widely publicized statement by Cardinal Innittsera in which he welcomed the arrival of the Nazis in Austria and urged to vote for the Anschluss. & Quot;

Interestingly, the Western countries left without any attention to the merger of Austria and Germany - although Saint-Germain Peace Treaty of 1919 guaranteed the sovereignty of Austria. On the basis of this treaty in 1931, Germany and Austria have been denied even the conclusion of the customs union. However, by 1938 the situation changed Evarope and Austria is no longer a political force, it was not a viable country that has lost power and industrial farmlands. When the Austrian Chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg response to the threat of Hitler, that Austria is not alone in the world and the invasion of the country would probably mean war, Hitler sneered: "Do not believe that anyone in the world can prevent this! Italy? About Mussolini I'm not worried; Italy I have a close friend. England? It will not move a finger for Austria ... France? Now its time has passed. So far I have achieved everything you wanted! "At an emergency meeting, London, Chamberlain announced the verdict in Austria: the Anschluss is inevitable, no power will say:" If you go to war over Austria, you'll have to deal with us. Anyway, now so the question is not worth it. "

As a result, in Germany in the Anschluss voted 99, 08% of the population in Austria - 99, 75%. And Reich's population grew by 17% in the Wehrmacht poured six Austrian divisions.

The fact the atmosphere in which a referendum can be seen in the photographs of German photographers: Home fotohronikera Reich Heinrich Hoffmann and Hugo Jaeger photojournalist who worked for the US magazine LIFE.

On the form of the plebiscite had one question: "Do you agree with occurred March 13, 1938 reunion of Austria with Germany and if you vote for a list of our Fuhrer Adolf Hitler?", A large circle on the inscription "Yes" on a small - "No".

German soldiers and Austrian border guards demolish the barrier at the former German-Austrian border.

The Wehrmacht is.

Austrians welcomed the German troops.

Many of the ladies in waiting German officers dressed in historical dress.


Wehrmacht on the streets.

Campaigning before the plebiscite.

The city of Linz on the day of the entry of German troops into the city.

Linz. Decorated Station.

Klagenfurt. Ceremonial entry column of vehicles, headed by the Fuhrer.

Schwarz. Local residents welcomed the German troops.

Schwarz. During travel motorcade with Chancellor.

Graz. Young Austrians in the grand building before passing through columns of cars led by the Fuhrer.

The leader of the Hitler Youth.

Hitler Youth.

And it is "adult" troopers.

Graz. The solemn meeting dedicated to the Austrian plebiscite. Hitler clearly visible in the form of a brown party (half turned). Levey it - Seyss-Inquart, then Himmler, right - Hans Frank, the Nazi Party Reichsleiter.

Graz. The election campaign of the Austrian plebiscite.

Graz. Residents welcome the results of the plebiscite, reunited with Austria thousand-year Reich.

Vienna. Employees of traffic police built in anticipation of the solemn motorcade Fuhrer.

Poster plebiscite.

Vienna. Veteran of the First World War the Austrian army, Colonel Felix Steiner welcomed the German brothers.

The entrance of the Vienna motorcade Fuhrer.

Directions motorcade past the stately Palace of the Hapsburgs.

The meeting at the Palace of the Hapsburgs.

The crowns are ready to listen to Hitler's speech.

Messenger Hitler read the greeting the Fuehrer Austrians. Right in the helmet, Heinrich Himmler.

The ceremony in the castle of Kufstein.

Smug Hering welcomed the new head of the government of Austria Seyss-Inquart.

Everything is good, without the "green men" under the cover of darkness. However, how it ended for the German people - the whole world knows ...
We assure you that the Russian people, it's all over much more tragic.


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