Culture of driving, it is?

I do not know what will concern PL Community to such a subject, but has not been

Most of us have moved on public roads by car. And it is not no secret, that no matter how fast you did not go - there is always someone who will overtake you, prune or even show any example of idiocy. I have always wondered why they do it?

1) Why are they honk me in the ass lights when I go to overtake some columns of trucks to 110 km / h? .. I should evaporate or something? And I went to him in advance, disturbing no one, but is not his problem, he caught up with me at 160 km / h? Personally, I do not want to violate the maximum set speed, maybe even out of principle. Or does he think that my car will not be able to go as fast as its trough, or even faster?

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2) Why does every bin on wheels considers it his sacred duty to pass me, and accelerate, if I do it myself until then walked at a cruising speed of 100 km / h with a difference of speed with him on the strength of 5 km / h

3) Why priors and 15e vaziki less than 130 on the road do not go? Over the past few months I have not seen one, but I go for the M1 every day

4) What tinted taillights black bags or sheets of roofing material? What would you rather have seen him in the stream in the evening?

5) Why did they tear from traffic and burn tires, if the next traffic light a hundred meters, and sometimes even less?

6) Why are they taxiing from my middle row, built right, passing for 1-2 cars on and climb back? Do not you understand that it is such as these hamper the entire flow?

To be honest I was a little tired in 8 years from a culture of driving. Lately, I increasingly find myself thinking that I want to make them some podlyanku, I want to finally have someone to pass and approve at their expense, and that I can drive fast. I was beginning to enrage that observe the speed limit just me. With every type drochevo Matiz with Blondie with glasses dragonfly, even it travels faster than me ... What is it? The first signs that I turn into a redneck or I'm just impatient to just try to go by the rules?

To express their attitude, grass kulstori! Explain to me for some items, can I something wrong and I need to change their attitude to such things? We need, so to speak, from a fresh perspective.

ps Not much kick. The survey for the first time I tried to do



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