The genius of fraud

One peasant gypsy mentovku passed. That they did, nothing messed up.
Crowd have led and passed.
It turns out that he came up with this: take an old raincoat pockets cut off from him. Go to the market, keeping an eye gypsy such alone. Jackets to trade. Then he comes up to her and says, well, how much the jacket? Ta - 2 tyshshy. He's so into his pocket Robe and through him in his jeans pocket. From there, five thousand dollar bill gets and says, they say cool wife also gave the shoes on. And of course back in the cloak lay, and he in his jeans pocket. Then he takes off robe gives gypsy hold, and the jacket Merit.
Gypsy sees that in a raincoat is 5 pieces, and the price of the red jacket about a thousand. Well, she knocks on the peasant with his cloak. And he leaves the jacket).
So he put three gypsies. They hunt him already arranged. Caught in the market mentovku taken. Ment almost Uss when I learned the whole story).
So let go since. Who comes up with a new scheme.


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