The volunteer on duty under the new "brick", protecting the drivers from the traffic police

23, a resident of St. Petersburg named Paul stood all day at the intersection of the Weavers and Grandma, do not give to pass inattentive drivers under the newly installed brick. And he did not do it for himself, but for the sake of motorists - close to the place where he stood, hanging newly installed brick. Everyone knows that it is often under the "svezhepoveshennye" signs of fall, those who ride "out of habit" and not intentionally.

Asked about the purpose of a passerby shares Paul answered briefly and succinctly: "To break off the cops." Alas, the "time" savior ended about 18 hours. After his departure, everything was back to square one - motorists drove under a brick, steel and IDPS batches execute offenders. So uncomplicated way Paul raised the issue, for a long time in the air: why employees fail to fulfill their direct duties relating to the prevention of crime? Why, instead of just waiting for the inspectors stumbled drivers and make records?

As you can see, if the patrol car on duty not for the sign in front of him, it could significantly reduce the number of violations, and therefore the accident rate on this stretch of road.

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