5 small misunderstandings that almost ruined the whole world

Those who were born in the 80's and 90's hard to fully grasp how close to global catastrophe, we were in the 20th century ...

1. Cheap computer chip announces nuclear war

At two o'clock in the morning June 3, 1980 a staff member of the Joint Air Defense Command North American continent (NORAD) check the data devices, and found that a device that is always used to show "0 attacking missiles," now shows "2 of attacking missiles." It was enough to panic, but the next second unit reported "220 attacking missiles».

Alarms squealed across America. Bombers with nuclear bombs on board began to rise into the air one after another. On launchers of ICBMs entered team prepare for the launch. Ten minutes later the world teetered on the brink of a nuclear apocalypse.

Fortunately, before the Americans had to press the trigger, someone pointed out that hundreds of alleged warheads did not appear on the radar screens. Declared false alarm, the bombers returned to their airfields and all exhaled.

Determine the causes of the strange incident took three days. It turned out that the reason was a defective computer chip worth 46 cents.

2. The accident at the telephone exchange almost led to nuclear war


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