Cancelled operation. Almost Nesin

Once there was a mischievous grandmother, who worked 40 years in the prosecutor's office. Knocking on all the divisional and flowers planted outside the window (does not seem to be planted just could not).
Such is the preamble
And next door lived a young couple. And the girl working in the clinic before medregistratorom - well, there gave out coupons, cards, etc. And she was left a heap of medical forms, with all seals. Plus a bunch of familiar doctors (health center next to the house).
And they sent this grandmother procurator-mail from the direction of the seal - "It is urgent to come to the clinic in the surgery to undergo rectal tonsillectomy┬╗.
If you believe the doctors, they crawled under the tables ... Only a few hours later were able to translate the old woman that "rectal tonsillectomy" are in Latin, "removing the glands through the ass┬╗ ...
Babka lucky - they do it it still did not, although it is a pity


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