Actors who can not be removed with (10 photos)

Actors, working in pairs for 12 hours a day or more for many months, we have some reason to give up all the time to compromise. Not surprisingly, there is often friction. Here is a list of actors who categorically refuse to work together.

Nick Nolte and Julia Roberts.

They float began in 1994 around the romantic comedy "I Love Trouble". On screen, it looks as if they are really in love with each other, but in reality it is not. Sometimes the scenes were shot separately. First shot of the actor, and then another. On the screen was a love, and on the set was hostility. The quarrel, as you know, continued long after the film's release. Julie described Nick as "very disgusting person" and Nolte said, "everyone knows that it is a bad man." It seems that they have made to each other impressed because 15 years later, they still continue to pour mud at each other in an interview.
Bill Murray and Lucy Liu.

I was very surprised when I did not see Bill in the second part of Charlie's Angels. The reason turned out to be a strong enmity between him and one of the angels. Murray went to the shooting, saying: "I understand why you're here. Each of you have a special talent, but what the hell are you doing here. You can not shoot here! "- He turned to Cameron Diez, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore. Liu did not make a long wait and jumped on Murray with his fists. So he turned down the role in the second part.

James Franco and Tyrese Gibson.

These two young bulls faced in the year 2006 with the film "Annapolis." Gibson's mind: "I will never shoot him again. And it seems to me, and he did. " And Gibson hated Franco after the scene of the fight, when Franco Gibson struck with full force. In turn, Franco explained that this method of his work, he was in the way. Apparently, Gibson took this as a personal insult. And in an interview with Elle magazine, he said that if he had the chance to burn the house of some Hollywood star, it would have chosen the house of Franco.

Shirley McClain and Debra Wingrove.

Both actresses had a reputation for conflict persons before meeting each other. But the work in "Terms of Endearment" just leave them a chance. Shirley was concerned that her colleague is rumored cocaine. This was followed by the middle finger and a nomination for Best Supporting both actresses (eventually won McClain), left a deep wound in the heart of Wingrove. She admitted this back in 2008 in one of his interviews.

Robert Downey and Terrence Howard.

At Howard there that the answer to the question why he has played in the next two parts of Iron Man. "I showed the world Robert, gave the opportunity to become world famous, and now, when his turn came to help me, he refused. He wanted more money. " Howard says plainly that Downey had stolen his money. He sought a greater share of the participation in the second film, which influenced the wage Howard. Well, do not give the same producers of the film's main character, around which revolve the entire movie.

Shannon Doherty and Alyssa Milano.

The work on "Charmed" actress that is not shared, and all leaked into the hot Verbal skirmish. Relations became strained and Milan refused to participate in the project. As later admitted Alice Milan, the studio even hired intermediaries to ensure that they communicate, and once came to a special expert to reconcile them.

William Shatner and George Teki.

The feud between the two broke out in "Star Trek." In 2008, William raised a buzz from the fact that he was the only member of the "Way", which was not invited to the wedding Teki. And recently Teki said that Shatner narcissistic that everything revolves only around him. In turn, Shatner added insult to injury by calling Teki sick and crazy

Bette Davis and Joan Crawford.

Which is weird, too tenacious resentment acting and long-lasting. The same offense originated back in the distant 1935. Then Joan married a friend of Betty scene in the movie "Dangerous" Franchota Tony. Of course, Betty decided that Joan took him. When these two beasts converged on the shooting of the film "What's going on with the children Jenny", the real scandal erupted. The reason was the machine with Coca-Cola in the dressing room Davis. This mockery was aimed at opponentki husband, who at the time worked for Pepsi. Now Davis says in his interview: "You should never speak ill of the dead, but good ... ... Joan Crawford died. And that's good. ยป

Sylvester Stallone and Richard Gere.

This conflict broke out because of the film "The Lords of Flatbush." It is obvious that in this conflict have been important participants in the ego of each star. Stallone claims that Gere during filming deliberately spilled on him chicken broth. Then, the victim of the incident demanded the replacement of Richard on the set. This feud is not over, Stallone spreading false rumor Gira, who by that time became very popular in Hollywood. At least in this he accuses him Gere.

Faye Dunaway, Roman Polanski.

In 1974, the novel was a producer Faye. A nightmare began when Polanski began to pull the hair out of my head Danaeuy who allegedly spoil the shot. And then, when Dunaway came to the director of the council, in order to better understand the nature of his character and motivation to learn, the Polanski lost his temper and shouted: "Money - that's your motivation." Dunaway then splashed a cup full of urine in Polanski.


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