Achievements Belarusian manufacturer of monitors (13 photos)

So, with a short background of the Belarusian forum:

She came to our office need to buy some new computers, of course it was necessary to conduct a tender. At the tender were submitted to both private companies and the "giant" of the Belarusian industry integral. It goes without saying that the integral losing on all fronts (both technical characteristics and price), but the "top" said - for the budget money, we will not let you buy me ... neBelorusskoe way and that begged to find anything 'good' in delivery of the integral so that he won the "chesnay 'struggle, but good has not been found ... After Nektorov time I whistle - it's time to pick up the components of the integral ... esessno ...

Next goes the story about the notorious Belarusian production of monitors, such as it is written here in this press release.

So the box:

Well Itegral ElSiDI 19 !!!

And out of the box poyavlyayayaetsya, poyavlyayayayaetsya ... simpotny haired monitorchika (seemingly esessno)

Only now that the STE is ????

While encouraging the rear label: (ILO STE simply Acer matrix, and?)

About yomayo, it's "IntesraserĀ»:

And what of the integral modelka such V193HQ (Google somehow says that this Acer):

Go ahead on the labels ... they again we say that we bought Integral:

Yoprst, and what is it:

Well, full finish - "Zroblena BelarusĀ»

And now the question:
1. where the Belarusian production?
2. Integral what gets the money?
3. What are we paying money?
4. Who do we protect? What a Belarusian manufacturer?


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