Buy monitors Asus is to provide comfort during both work and play

Monitors are one of the main components of any computer. The quality of the device and compliance depends on the comfort during work or games. One of the most popular and common models can be called the Asus monitors. The manufacturer produces several lines, among which everyone can find a suitable option.

When you select the following parameters:
  • type of matrix;
  • diagonal of the screen;
  • additional functions;
  • inputs/outputs;
  • purpose.

If needed the device to work, it makes no sense to buy expensive gaming equipment.

4K and WQHD
Monitor ASUS with 4K and UHD are suitable for gamers or those who appreciate high image quality with dynamics. The obsolete formats beyond Full HD, including price. The device is equipped with a modern IPS matrices. with a frequency of from 100 to 165 Hz. The most represented manufacturer of frameless models, which adds to comfort and does not distract from watching videos, work and play.

For those involved in design, graphics or photography, it is possible to buy the ASUS monitor from the professional line. Equipment is accurate color reproduction. Provided calibration, and direct led backlighting or local dimming, so the preliminary setup is required. The basis used matrix BACKLIT and IPS. Some models are equipped with OLED screens.

3D and gaming
3D monitors ASUS different stereoscopic image, through which is passed the full color depth and saturation. This is one of the best options for immersion into the virtual game world or watching movies.

Series Designo
The Designo series is different from other monitors edge-to-edge screen and built-in audio system, efficiently transmitting sound. Devices have 4K/UltraHD, which reproduces the saturated image. Unique design makes the monitors recognizable and unlike any other.

Widescreen monitors are equipped with IPS panel and have an extended color gamut — Adobe RGB indicators is 100%. Also provides hardware calibration from the manufacturer, so the owner will not have to set up the equipment. Once you choose the suitable profile, which is automatically saved in the device memory.

Technology Eye Care
Among the monitors, equipped with modern technology, Eye Care, can be found in-game and working versions. Due to the high speed and to compensate for uneven illumination eliminates negative effects on the eyes after hours of use. In most models there is no screen flicker, which is eliminated by using the Flicker-free technology.

Portable Asus monitors also flicker free. They are compact, which saves space on your desktop. To power and feed video signals using a single cable, protected from fractures. The kit provides protective cover.

Before you buy the right equipment, carefully examine its characteristics and suitability to your requirements.



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