Briefly Monday

Today, the fight against Somali pirates sent a missile cruiser, now they will still cruiser.

The Russian defense industry turns its programs to develop weapons with elements of artificial intelligence - a prototype of a "smart" bombs and did not manage to push out of the plane.

In Avstpalii skpestili kengupu and sloth. Poor zvepek asleep in ppyzhke and pazbilsya.
It is proved that the most kind and helpful people live in Moscow. For example: one man in a subway car goes to one place and three homeless!

After the introduction of "maternal capital" storks require a rollback for the second child.
Yesterday, the hospital asked the boy with a nail in the ass. According to him, he scratched on the new Lehus word sucker - and the hand accidentally slipped.

The Moscow Zoo was born baby chimpanzees, who knows how to sweep. At the SPCA immediately have any questions to the janitor zoo

Nostradamus quatrain found describing the upgrade computer: "... old mother of a new stone adorned become smarter and faster to work ...»

Is the ratio of a very complicated thing ...
-Very Complicated thing is a quantum disintegrator. A relationship - it is a swamp in which two idiots dragging each other.


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