Attacks on humans animals (10 pics + text)

February 2010 5579-pound orca named Tilikum attacked the 40-year-old trainer Don jaws, pulled her into the water in front of the astonished audience. The woman died.

February 2009. A male chimpanzee Travis attacked the girlfriend of his master, Charlie Nash, causing it lost its eyes, nose, face and hands. Chimpanzees, who previously starred in various TV shows and commercials, was shot dead by a police officer in Connecticut during the incident.

In April 2008. The five-year grizzly Rocky, who were trained to fight with experienced artists, Stephen Miller was bitten in the neck during the filming of promotional video in Big Bear Lake, California. Tamer died on the spot.

In December 2007. The four-year Siberian tiger Tatiana escaped from the San Francisco Zoo and killed a teenager, injuring two more right at Christmas.

April 2007. The trainer was killed and more than 20 people were injured when, during the festival in the Indian state of Kerala elephant broke loose.

September 2006. The famous "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin died after being stung by a stingray in the chest while filming on the Great Barrier Reef.

October 2003 Amateur bears Timothy Treadwell and his girlfriend were almost completely eaten by grizzlies in Katmai National Park in Alaska since lived together for 13 seasons with them. Later, Timothy was the subject of the documentary "Grizzly Man».

In June 2003 12-year-old Brian Jeffrey Griffin alligator attacked and dragged him into the water when the boy was swimming with friends in the Dead River, Florida.

March 2002. 270-pound white Bengal tiger attacked Roy of transmission «Siegfried and Roy» during their performance at the "Mirage" in Las Vegas.

June 2001. The editor of the journal «San Francisco Chronicle» Phil Bronstein (then wife, actress Sharon Stone) had to have surgery on his leg after he was bitten by a poisonous Komodo dragon during a private trip to the Los Angeles Zoo.


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