What is our life - Water ???

Home mysteries of water - in its ability to endless transformations

Water - this is life. And how diverse forms of life on our planet, as well infinite variability of water. It can be calm and turbulent flow can flow, may lie in tiny droplets on blade of grass, and can unfold from one horizon to the other side of infinitely smooth, can swirl white cloud, and may disappear colorless vapor. Out of our planet perfectly dry places: even the red-hot desert air contains little water vapor. That is why it is so hard on its surface to find a place where it would not life ...

Since water is associated a lot of mysteries. Clean water - perfect insulator, but enough to dissolve in it very little of any salt, and it conducts electricity well. She anomalous behavior during cooling: the temperature is lowered from + 4 ┬░ C its volume increases. Some they say that water is water discord that she is living and dead, and even has a memory: remember good or evil word. Perhaps all this is a fairy tale, but we all remember for a long time, as it stands, flows, flows trickle or falls with incredible heights with a terrible roar!

Indian Ocean. Southern Maldives.

Evaporating the water becomes a cloud, and then the cloud. Arkhipo-Osipovka village on the shores of the Black Sea.

Cloud to rain. Central Russia.

When the concentration of water vapor in the atmosphere reaches a point of saturation, the excess steam is condensed and hangs in the air in the form of microscopic droplets.

Condensation may take place in Tacke and the surface of the earth, and then the collected water droplets on the leaves of plants in the form of dew.

During the cold water droplets in the air freezes thin ice needles. Attempt great German mathematician Johannes Kepler (Johannes Kepler, 1571-1630) explain why these needles are then freeze together in a regular hexagonal snowflakes, born science crystallography. National Park "Taganay" Southern Urals.

Flowing water during freezing turns into ice. But firstly, this ice freezes and much of this is ideally maintained. For example, air bubbles in Antarctic ice, formed millions of years ago, it was possible to determine how to change the composition of the atmosphere. Secondly, ice peculiar polymorphism, i.e. it exists in a variety of forms with different packing of the molecules of water.

Water can not just fall to the ground, but also pulled out from under it. Natural fountain near the river Ai in Bashkiria.

Droplets are collected in the jet stream - streams, rivers carry water to the seas and oceans, and from there, due to their large surface area, the water evaporates again into the atmosphere. Nerl River, view from the Uglich Reservoir.


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