Blind artist (13 photos)

Cheerful paintings and Lisa Fittipaldi (Lisa Fittipaldi) is usually very popular with viewers. But the simple pleasure of looking at paintings is replaced by surprise and even shock, when people find out that the author of these paintings is devoid of vision. Blind artist? I will not see Lisa in this hard to believe. But the creativity of the author once again proves that the talent and strength of the human spirit are not just a lot - sometimes they are doing the impossible.

Lisa Fittipaldi unique story is that a woman is no longer seen in 1993, and first picked up a brush, two years later - in 1995. As a certified public accountant and financial analyst, Lisa, along with vision lost her job, independence and sense of life. Her prolonged depression lasting more than a year, until one day her husband did not bring her child watercolor set. To everyone's surprise, Lisa picked up a brush and began to paint.

She could not learn the technique of painting, watching the actions of the teacher, could not see the pictures. But that did not stop a woman, and in return she came up with its own system of education: bugged audio versions of books on art and attended with her husband, famous museums, for which she never found time in his previous life. In order to navigate in the composition of the future picture, Lisa pulled the canvas grid of ropes, but eventually learned to do without them.

Critics and other artists are not just talking to Lisa that she can draw any number of abstraction or flowers, but she will never become a true artist, because she can not afford to depict people and scenes from street life. It was a challenge, and Fittipaldi answered it adequately. In 1998, she drew the first street scene and since then makes it permanent. This all remains a mystery as Lisa manages to draw, not seeing the colors and the canvas; the artist claims that it is unclear even to her.


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