"Rider" group Corrosion of Metal to perform at concerts

The text is written Spider from the group itself. Spelling and punctuation preserved.
So are the guys ...


1.Tri combo (bass guitar 2 - each 100vat no less !!!), four vocal microphone, very loud monitors (4 pieces) !!!
2.Obychnye drums (cymbals, small and pedal-we bring yourself).
3.Dym machine !!!
4. Place for banners (3 banner -zaranee prepare a place, sticks and ropes) + Screen video (if possible)
5. Local page 1-2 * ptizёrshi (so as not to drive from Moscow) or more chicks who drink and who are ready to dance on the stage, well, then we're all razrulit. (VERY IMPORTANT POSITION !!!)
6.Torgovlya concert goods Corrosion - your trader him 15%. (Advance in a convenient place to arrange a table, take 1 hour before the concert goods otchitatsya immediately after the event).
7. The draw for the show are two KM for human intoxication in KKK robes.

Involve local keyboardist and backing vocalist (if possible). Texts and soundtrack give advance.
8. The one guard can Moldova skin, to cut off people left and theft prevention.
WARNING !!! attitude to Russia: the availability of paid Cop cars near the entrance.
9. 1-2 local teams to warm up.

ROAD on the situation: - 7 tickets coupe or at least platskard tselym unit (small travel -platskard either express or bus.), Or if the aircraft is far, awarding tickets (round trip) to the concert. Back and forth - if the gig. If we round one-way tickets must be purchased before the concert + ...


1.Gostinitsa (simple rooms with shower) or a flat treshka (+ 6muz those people) 7 dug, once the train or transport + transport in the city. If the house is not less than 2 separate rooms + hall and kitchen. If we come to the floor of the day, can be a big hotel room or an apartment for a few hours + one master. With the possibility of cooking. For this we need to mobilize the economic Gerlach, it should partially pre-cook all the ingredients (dry food by type DOSHERAK nepreemlema). If we eat in the next town, preferably podryvattsa immediately after the concert and a buffet table with the local * ovkoy. Local attractions in the case nachёvki - availability of specialist "leisure" and all associated phone numbers.
If we go a couple of hours before leaving tutzhe Seishi and settlement do not need.

2. If the food in the hotel, the Club - the usual business lunch or dinner, quality standard European-type "business lunch". If there is no food in the club in advance to be explored kofeshka - a normal quality food (there is soup, etc.). If we eat at their own expense - that the price tag should not be so - in the center of Moscow or London black caviar and lobster +.
China, and other such tsunarovskaya kitchen - no.

Before the concert - 3 water battles, battles of the Crimean 4 (0, 7) of wine or 3 battles of red vermouth (1L) + 1batl krepkacha (in bitch, vie * ki, rum, balsam). Prepare in advance, so we do not run around the Maghazi.
Beer is strictly prohibited !!!
1. Crimean wine - white or red port, Surozh, sweet sherry or dry. The labels are labels produced in the Crimea-Ukraine. Manufacturers - Koktebel, Inkerman, Masandara +.
2. vermouth - From cheap only "Salvator" approximate cost 120rub or any that are manufactured in Spain or Italy and TPA of -Martin ...
3. The most expensive and quality local BO * SC or balm herbal !!! Or that ma.
Perhaps tupeyshie kinds vie * Karian, tech * ly and Roma.
3. Interview on local radio + autograph session at a local rock shop or bookstore.
7. We provide the basic design of the poster, or you can produce posters and send (if Paid).

* - Negligent promoters:
There are cases that in some towns the local organizer (for example, the rich man), zanimaettsa concerts just for personal buzz for them to pull the main bu * with the artist, sweat, etc. * Sit + These people do not zabotyattsa of the normal advertising and fans casually learn about concerts +
For such cases, penalties +.
If organizatorof unimportant for a gathering of people, he is obliged to issue tickets 200zhenskih (marked GЁRLS) and distribute them to the local women's vocational schools.


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