Winona Ryder

«Wino forever» - tattoo emblazoned on his shoulder Johnny Depp really will always remind him of his past love Winona Ryder (though the actor and modified the inscription, trying to hide the origin subtext). Personally I will say my opinion: this was the most harmonious couple - children music, original, somewhere mystically mysterious. I liked his underground, but for 9 years have separate personal life, continuing to delight the public with their new works. "Along stars" takes on Hollywood "dark horse", often criticized, but still top-notch actress Winona Laura Holovits in the world - Winona Ryder

start in chronological order, it is well known that the actress is related to its youth and occurs at the beginning of 90th ...

here the young Winona criticize it makes no sense, time dictates fashion and the end of the 80's - early 90's associates at the American (and not only) youth with shapeless jeans, wide jackets and plaid shirt

experiments with long hair had not yet begun, but the color choice outfits begins to emerge ...

further Winona times will confirm that the black Becomes Her

in white skin-tight dress she was not worse, it looks very nice, but because of femininity in her nature is not enough

Well, times have changed and with them our heroine smeleet

public event, elegant dress, black

... Or is it white?

no, definitely - Black!

even outerwear - coats - strict and black

Winona's appearance in a black pantsuit is no surprise. Butch image actress - her style to life


and this is confirmed by clothes Ryder in her everyday life. What actress walks the streets?

sneakers, torn jeans, sports jacket and cap ...

favorite jeans and cap, but with a combination of: a shirt, a jacket and a light scarf ... I like

her even simple "square" shoes look quite harmoniously

Winona bosom friend Gwyneth Paltrow, has always been considered an example of refinement and femininity, perhaps influenced her choice

but still, nature takes its Rider - too wide pants outstanding under the sneakers, all black and simple

everything would be fine, that's just shorts absolutely not "in the subject" (or in this case, sneakers) ... and the miracle that is the extreme left ... without tears will not look))

In general, Winona Ryder pleases us reincarnation. She plays the role perfectly cute ocharovashka:

... And it feels comfortable in the image of a cute "pretty darling girl»

for me personally, it will be remembered as a miniature fantazershi Suzanne of remarkable film "Girl, Interrupted", there it is - real, Winona Ryder.


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