Four-legged assistant primary school teacher

In the town of Barnstaple (Barnstaple) Devon, in the second grade of the local elementary school is a lesson. Eight-year students in blue uniform jerseys diligently solve grammar exercises. The usual pattern for most of these schools, except for the fact that in the corner of that class sitting Alaskan Malamute named Winona (Wynona).
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Winona specially trained dogs from the center Berridzh Tracey (Tracey Berridge), a specialist in bihevioristike animals. Created in 2003, the center trains dogs that aim to help children to understand the feelings of kindness and empathy, as well as increased interest in learning.

Throughout the lesson Winona is in a class and relieves tension, creating a positive and welcoming atmosphere. Children smile when even just looking at her.

According to Tracy Berridzh, she had long wanted to present the dog school lessons. In a confidential atmosphere increases not only the confidence, but also self-esteem of students. Positive results in performance and behavior after the presence of the dog in the classroom confirm her words.

The teachers are very satisfied with the experiment. In addition, the increased attendance. Negligent students less frequently skip classes as very eager to communicate with Winona. For many of the students who do not have their dogs at home, Winona became a real shaggy friend.

Besides the school in Devon, the dog Tracy go to classes at the schools of Wales, Lincolnshire and Staffordshire.

-I Would like to see my dogs were in each of the English school, -mechtaet Tracy.

Training a dog at its center takes an average of 18 months. Before the creation of the center of the 41-year-old Tracy worked for charitable purposes in fifty schools. It was a group that promotes the reading of books, and then with his own dog named Princess Leia she led educational work with difficult teenagers. According to the woman, while interacting with the dog is very beneficial effect on these children. Their behavior subsequently improved significantly.

In order to start their own business to work with dogs in schools, Tracy received a master's degree in bihevioristike (behavior) of animals after the course of consultations in Southampton. Her belief in the right way support recent research showing that in the presence of friendly dogs children of primary school age are more likely to start reading books. The experiment was carried directly into the classroom where the lessons attended dog.

In this regard, the United States recently gaining popularity charity groups that encourage children to read aloud in front of the animals. It uses psychological effect performance before a live audience. However, the dog as listeners reduce the degree of excitement in young readers.



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