Quiz: Which way train rides?

Which way train rides?

If the car moves to the right - you have developed left brain, it is responsible for your language abilities. This brain controls speech and the ability to read and write. It also remembers the facts, names, dates, and spelling. The left hemisphere is responsible for logic and analysis. That it analyzes all the facts. The numbers and mathematical symbols are recognized by it. The information is processed by the left hemisphere series of stages.

And if the left - the right hemisphere. The right hemisphere specializes in the processing of information that is expressed not in words but in symbols and images. It gives us the opportunity to dream and fantasize. With the help of the right hemisphere, we can compose different stories. It is also responsible for the ability of the music and the fine arts. The right hemisphere can process a lot of diverse information. It is able to treat the problem as a whole, not by applying the analysis.

For illustrative diagram of the brain:


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