Nuclear explosions

Since 1945, the world was performed about 2 thousand. Nuclear testing and nuclear attacks committed 2. The undoubted leader in the destructive release of atomic energy are the United States.
Attention photographers not spared uncontrollable and terrifying process of an atomic explosion. We present you a selection of photos from the book by Peter Kuran, "How to make a photo of the atomic bomb»

That is how the process of releasing a huge amount of radiant heat and an atomic explosion in the air over the desert. Here you can still see the military equipment that will be destroyed in a moment of shock, embodied in the form of a crown, surrounded the epicenter of the explosion. It is seen as the shock wave reflected from the Earth's surface and is about to merge with a fireball.

Can be considered a great success photographs initial stage of a nuclear explosion when its propagation velocity close to the speed of light. The image was taken with the camera with an incredibly fast shutter, which is located at 3, 5 km from the epicenter of the explosion.

Glowing sphere of nuclear explosion absorbs tower placed in it with ammunition.

Another photo early stage of an atomic explosion, made by a special camera, located a few kilometers from the epicenter.

Despite the deadly radiation, in 1951 nuclear tests in Nevada were invited to observe the various important people, was popular nuclear tourism (people tried to get into the zone, where he was seen mushroom cloud), and during exercise «Desert Rock» Command ordered the Marines run directly under the deadly fungus.

Caught on tape fireball-like drifting over the horizon the sun, - the result of the explosion of a hydrogen bomb in the Pacific (1956).


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