Nine "Devil's Gate"

All of these places you will see, have notoriety. After all, according to legend, they are ancient gate to hell. Read more about the 9 most unusual places of our planet.

Námaskarð, Iceland

This mysterious place in Iceland, more commonly known simply as "The Gates of Hell."
Despite its "cold" name,
Iceland - a country of violent volcanic activity. In Naumaskarde have hot springs,
which stinks gray so unbearable that a normal person without the mask can not
survive more than a few minutes. The smell literally knocks down.

Sibunit Caves, Belize

According mayanskomu sacred text, the dead go to the underworld Sibalbu through the cave system.
Through them, a river overflowing with scorpions, hungry jaguars and blood.
Theories about exactly where Sibalba many, but the one most true,
that Sibunskie caves in Belize and is the entrance to Sibalbu.
Despite the fact that there are constantly working archaeologists, they interfere with the crowds of tourists,
who dream of seeing with his own eyes Hell.

Darwaz, Turkmenistan

In the midst of the Karakum desert straight from the earth and sees the flame spreads around the unbearable heat.
People call this place "The Door to Hell." Although the appearance of these "doors" - a banal human stupidity:
in 1971 there were drilling a well, and accidentally dosverlilis to large underground caverns, and went out onto the surface of the gas.
In order not to spoil the ecological situation in the region, the gas burned.

Beppu, Japan

This sacred hot springs on the island of Kyushu, is also called "Hell Beppu".
Sources only nine, and each "hell" has a name: blue -
Maritime Hell (depth of 120 meters, water temperature 90C),
Chinoiki Zhigoku, or bloody pond (from a large amount of iron, the water here has got red),
source "shaved head" (just warm bubbling mud),
White Pond (boiling water here - milky due to an overabundance of calcium), Hell Mountain -
volcano spewing hot mud, "Infernal cauldron».

Yellowstone National Park, USA

One of the first who explored Yellowstone National Park, was John Colter.
He described in detail escaping from under the earth clouds of steam and boiling water of the lake, this place is immediately dubbed "Hell Coulter."
Now look at the "Hell" annually attracts millions of tourists.

Danakil desert, Ethiopia

One of the most inhospitable places on Earth. Danakil - is very often terrible volcanoes, scorching air,
toxic gases and traditional already, sulfur lake. In this place the Arabian tectonic plate breaks,
and continues to deteriorate as a result of volcanic activity, frequent earthquakes, failures appear regularly
the entire length of the fault, allowing lava to form the present lake of fire,
so beautifully outlined in Revelation.

Plouaret, France
In Brittany there is a small church dedicated to the "Seven Sleepers»
(Like the seven saints who await the end of time and guarding the entrance to the underworld - whether,
so that no one there by mistake not entered, whether to there, God forbid, someone came out).
But it is interesting that the church is different: it is built into the structure of a prehistoric dolmen, which,
as the locals say, "there is here with the creation of the times and built a hand of Almighty God».

In the capital of Guatemala, in 2010, suddenly crater, width 31, 5 meters in diameter,
engulfing several houses and, for some reason, sparing people. The funnel formed suddenly, although scientists believe,
that served as the reason for its occurrence storm Agatha. No cries out not heard, sulfur smells,
but still, terribly uncomfortable "hellish place».

Wang Saeng Suk, Taiwan
"Infernal Garden" not far from Bangkok technically - part of a Buddhist temple, with many sculptures,
painting hellish torment of sinners in the afterlife. Not quite to the gates of Hell, but it is very lively illustration.


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