Noma - the best restaurant in 2010

The authoritative British magazine Restaurant announced the results of the annual award, which is awarded to the best restaurants in the world. For the first time in five years from its pedestal he was dropped Spanish El Bulli chef Ferran Adria and the famous restaurant The Fat Duck Briton Heston Blumenthal moved from second to third place. At the first place came the Danish restaurant noma, previously in third place.

Noma restaurant is housed in a former warehouse in the port area of ​​Copenhagen, and even those of us, who are not planning a trip in the near future in that region, it is interesting for its concept. The chef noma, Rene Redzepi (he was awarded two Michelin stars), the gifts of the Danish Nature lovelier than olive oil, foie gras and sun-dried tomatoes, and it creates high cuisine exclusively from those products that are grown or bred in the vicinity of Copenhagen.

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