Garden space reflection

This garden is located in the south-west Scotland. The garden is private and is not similar to one another garden in mire.Zdes every corner recalls the universe, of its birth and development. The fact that modern science - only a thin beam in the dark space of the unknown. A man's place in the universe ... well, the fact is, and a garden of reflection, to think about it.
Advances in science and mathematics are reflected in the intricate garden landscape, the sculptures in strange and unusual geometric forms of reservoirs. There are black holes and fractal clusters, mathematical formulas and scientific phenomena, the DNA helix and geometrical problems - in short, everything that is anything but classic English flower beds and hedges. The entire garden is a unique art object, which is never repeated a single piece of his. Among other things, there is a gazebo, and meaninglessness - in case the visitor tired of thinking about the plurality of worlds, and the insignificance of man in the face of the universe.


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