Bamboo train in Cambodia

One of the most interesting trains can be seen in Cambodia. This train runs between the capital of Cambodia - Phnom Penh and Battambang small town (Battambang). Basically, it is used by tourists to explore the surroundings.
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Calls it - bamboo train. The train consists of only one car and going for 20 minutes. On the rails put two wheel pairs, then they placed a bamboo platform and is attached to the resulting design of the diesel generator. More noteworthy is that the track - only one, so when two bamboo trains, road gives way to one in which there is less passengers. The trailer just removed from the path, passed the counter, and then again mounted on rails.

According to the official journal of the Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia, the bamboo train can travel at a speed of almost 40 km / h and on the platform comfortably placed one tourist, a driver and a moped, but almost always, there are several passengers ...


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