Cities of the world. Test for honesty

Today I want to tell you about a very interesting test, held in different cities around the world. To be tested in each of the cities especially in crowded places lost wallet with contact numbers, photos, bank cards and a small amount of money. And the more wallets were returned to their owners, the city is considered to be more honest. Read more.

Leader in the hit parade of honesty - Helsinki, where 12 left in a public place purses owners were returned more than 11, indicating that a large population of the Finnish capital of decency! They also tell about themselves, not without some pride: "We are even at a red light will never pass! And honesty lies in our blood! "

Contrary to negative stereotypes about the inhabitants of India, the second place was just an Indian metropolis - Mumbai, in which 9 of 12 wallets were given to the owners.
27-year-old Rahul Rai mumbaets says: "My conscience does not allow to do anything bad. Indeed, in many purse store not only money, but also important documents. "

The third place was beautiful Eastern European capital - Budapest. There returned 8 purses, but the organizers of the experiment noticed a woman 60 years old, who, having found the purse, looked at him and quickly out of sight, hidden discovery.

It is obvious that America is also present in our rating - with New York on the same third place as Budapest. According to 36-year-old New Yorker Richard Hamilton, despite the allegations of unfriendly, New Yorkers are very good people. Found and returned 8 wallets.

Moscow took a respectable fourth place: only 1 smaller purse back our compatriots - 7 out of 12 "lost". Emergency Ministry officer Edward Antipin to find someone else's wallet near Moscow Zoo, handed it to the guard, saying, "As an officer, I abide by a code of honor." A good reason to feel proud of our citizens!

What follows is the capital of the Netherlands Amsterdam, with the same performance - 7 out of 12. It is a predictable result for the law-abiding residents of northern Europe.

But Berliners were not quite so fundamental, here was returned only half of planted purses - 6 pieces. However, the 46-year-old Abel Ben Salem hurried to find the owner of the found wallet, seeing in it a baby photo.

A similar situation with honesty and in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. Returned 6 purses.

Living in London polka Ursula Smist by giving someone else's wallet, said: "I do not know who owns the money found - perhaps they intended to buy food for hungry children." London - 5 of 12.

The experiment Warsaw got the same place in the ranking of fair cities like London. 7 out of 12 women took wallets and not reporting the discovery. Accordingly, as in London - back 5 of 12 "evidence".
Well, well, we will consider this information when traveling to cities most "fair" scores!


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