Secrets of the abandoned St. Petersburg plant

St. Petersburg factory "Red Triangle", once the foremost producer of galoshes in the Soviet Union, today completely abandoned. On the vast territory crumble the walls, boarded up windows and doors. It is not surprising that there are scenes for his film "Stalingrad" Bondarchuk shot himself. What secrets keeps this old factory? Read on.

CT inside - the whole city, the narrow streets which wanders a lot of people.

Besides the dirty brick walls there is nothing, no grass, no trees.

But coming out of another low arch and looked up, you can admire the high-rise buildings against the sky.

There is no need to make an effort to plunge in the industrial atmosphere. Rastaskannye zakopchёnnye and walls help.

In some corners of the equipment or rust towering mountain of construction waste.

Rented housing coexist with abandoned. They, too, have rented, not whether they are in disrepair.

In search of a place of filming "Stalingrad" leave in alleys, often falling into a dead end.

Among monotonous walls can be easily lost.

In the end, I am going back almost to the entrance and climb to an abandoned lakovarku.

Inside, the floor is filled with smelly jelly-like mass from which boiled varnish.

I came out of the shop already abandoned territory.

There are also narrow alleys, but littered with debris and overgrown with weeds.

Some walls are destroyed, no one cleans.

Kleimenov bricks strewn everywhere.

I went into the shop.

It's pretty sad.

Overlooking the Bypass shop completely empty.

In some places across the high halls.

Only in one place - was once beautiful, but badly the broken piano.

Finally, I went out into the yard, where the shooting took place, "Stalingrad».

The housing forms a closed yard of 120 60 meters.

The raised part - the former water tower, a post on the roof of the MoEHE.

Turning the corner, I once came across the remains of the scenery, here you can start dipping into the film.

The inscription on the building means "Bomb Shelter».

The House in the film served as a checkpoint at the entrance to the prison camp.

So alley looked during filming.

Barrage of stakes and barbed wire.

Here it is (or the same) in the frame.

Next - some dilapidated factory building.

Near her women washing clothes, and passes by Captain Peter Kahn.

In one of these scenes drawn a crowd of refugees into the narrow passage.

It's all the same lane, rests on the water tower.

People walk past the same house PPC.

Cutting the crowd, actor Thomas Kretschmann rushes to his beloved on the Russian half-track motorcycle SdKfz 2. Behind him is visible wall with portraits of leaders and a red star.

Star and slogans partially preserved.

The rest more than anything about the shooting resembles.

Coming out of a narrow alley, it turns over a wide area.

On the pedestal during the filming was headless Lenin.

A projection with high windows was "decorated" a portrait of the Fuehrer.

Now the area is empty, there is no Lenin or Hitler.

Captain Kang climbed on the bike and looking for Mary.

At this time, some soldiers were escorting the refugees, while others are discharged from the truck crosses for fallen comrades.

Against this background, all the windows and burning occurred.

Working time of shooting.

What's left? The telegraph poles.

Several inscriptions in German.

Yes, even pasted on the wall posters and leaflets.

That's all I could find on the "Stalingrad", but it's not only the scenery here.

The building in the middle of the yard, where there was a warehouse of finished products, according to a plurality of winches under the ceiling were discovered other decorations.

Firstly, it is a vaulted stone dungeon.

Inside - the wood and the hatch is quite real, in the basement housing.

Secondly, it is assembled from plywood and boards machines of unknown purpose.

What is it and from any filming there - is unknown.

However, they are pleased with their appearance, and can be moved to the door with a sense of accomplishment.



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