Cat under the hood

This story has something in common with the popular phrase "cat under the hood", the quality of the pronunciation of which is a measure of the degree of intoxication in many companies. In our history, the cat was not under the hood and under the hood, which, oddly enough, helped him to find a new family and a new home! Read on!

March 11 went to work at about 7:30 am. Standing on the street. Vatutin front street. Nemirovich-Danchenko, saw the car slid to the right, and there sits a cat. It is a long time without thinking ran under my car. The wife of a rock, come you look where he escaped. Included emergency gang went out to look, not to destroy. I looked and did not find the cat, went quietly on ...
After 2 to 5 days, March 13 at 17 pm, decided to remove the covers from the engine and pour nezamerzayku. Open the hood, I was very surprised to see the "neighbor" my engine ... He was even more surprised, I think so. Pulling out from under the hood of a cat and put it on the ground, he quickly ran back under the car. Slowly he departed, the cat ran after the car. I decided to put him in the trunk and take him back to the street. Vatutin. I wanted to feed and release it there. But first he took his wife to work, and she felt sorry for him.
So we took him home. Washed and fed. Quiet, calm ... Not much was dirty. Most likely the home. Dubbed EJ-ICOM :)




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