Production of medical equipment in Russia?

Very soon the Russian State Duma will consider a bill to ban the import of medical equipment in our country. In all likelihood, have to use what we can offer the domestic industry. Looking at her, I realized the potential that the Russian clinics authors of the bill is not exactly attend. Looks like real medical equipment produced in Russia!

The name of the plant will not be called, that you may not consider post advertisements or, conversely, to pounce, though, if you want to find it is not difficult, in Kazan, only two such production, and even then - they were born out of the collapse of one.

After the overwhelming foreign vidosikov mind of most consumers might get the idea of ​​the coming twenty-first century, and nanotechnology. On a scale of large companies and advertising - is so. But in a small production, and even aggravated Russian realities, their calculations and planning. In short, who has ever tried to do something yourself perfectly understand what it was about.

The plant does everything for minimally invasive operations, tools, racks, camera insuflyatory and still full of everything. Director, as I thought, very sincere man, honestly tells: that it is a copy from the German Storz, but the German is worse, but better than the Chinese, but this is cheaper but, as such a thing has no analogues in general ...

That's warehouse. So, one of the shelves. What do you expect to see? The huge hangar with lift trucks?

That is considered a huge amount. Each piece of hardware - the future endoscopic instrument that domestic hospital buys a quantity of one or two, enthusiasm, Tenders, for years to come.

For machines of youth not. Footage is no forges, and those that are - came with the collapse of the plants, even the old school master.

Is there engineers, quality control engineers, that's all, but it was not a promotional blog tour because bore you \ 'mandatory program \ "photo report is not going to.

According who uses this equipment - it is good, though good tools do. Particularly pleased with customer orientation, that is suitable for the sterilization of equipment archaic systems that are installed in our hospitals, what can you do reusable - is in contrast to foreign firms, where all the most disposable.

But I'm not about to say what they are cool guys. This production was made possible by a number of reasons, among which personal qualities, and (some no) gos.podderzhka and elementary luck. The main thing is that these plants in our country are rare and unsystematic. Any comparison with the western giants in scale, innovation and turnover, they can not go.

Of course, I'd like to «made in Russia" was a sign of quality, but yet somehow Yotafon and E-mobility is increasingly ... And somehow it seems to me that the restraining techniques, of course, will increase the turnover among the few plants that already working, but they do not create new ones. They will lower the technological equipment, take us to the Soviet model of the economy. Maybe I'm wrong and exaggerate, not seeing the long term. I would be glad if you convince me.



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