Special underground fortified area

Before the start of the Great Patriotic War it was adopted a decree establishing around Moscow "Zone total defense." It includes a variety of fortifications, which were for a time delay of the Nazis, on the way to the borders of the capital. At no time were erected inspiring buildings, pillboxes. tank guns and a lot of trenches. Keep the defense should have been concluded. In case you happen to build or strengthen a riot conquer the fascists, the whole area was littered with charges. Luckily it did not need to defend themselves. The enemy army was stopped literally "on the outskirts" to strengthen the area, reaching several kilometers. In this review we will focus on the system of fortifications, located in Nakhabino near (Novo-Riga route).

1. The territory is fenced positions and at first glance empty.

2. But if you carefully look closely, in some thickets you can see "Sticking" Tank Guns

3. From under each gun has emergency exit, located a little distance.

4. Within two small rooms. First, where is the gun itself is directly


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