How do Swiss Army Knives

4. Elzener dreamed to make a special official Swiss Army knife for officers, and even started production of a new product. But the Swiss government decided that officers will still use the ordinary soldier army knife, which they have received, when only joined the army, and decided not to enter into another contract Elzenerom. However, the company has been producing knives officer for many years. So it looks model 1931.

5. In the factory of the company «Victorinox» in the city of Ubach box ready army knives waiting for packing and shipping.

6. workers not to cut yourself, getting out of the container has just descended from the conveyor blade is used for this special grip.

7. This device guides the strip of aluminum stamping machines for the production of delimiters for the various tools that are component parts of the Swiss army knife. These delimiters are made of aluminum, so as not to add to the finished knife overweight. Themselves constituent parts of the knife is usually made of stainless steel.

8. Punching machines used in the manufacture of more than eight hundred pieces, which may be parts of the Swiss army knife of the company «Victorinox».


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