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Continue heading "Post from the past": You do not have two front teeth? All hands in tattoos? Hair burned numerous colorations? Excellent! You come to us!

1. This Pictures of the collected photos of model agencies in London in which being "terrible" means that you get a job. And all because these men and women are recorded in the book of one of the world's largest agencies - Ugly agency. (CATERS NEWS)

2. Models of the agency were shot in a huge number of films - from "James Bond" to "Marks and Spencer". (CATERS NEWS)

3. You can see people of different types. (CATERS NEWS)

4. In contrast to the various reality shows such as "Top Model", these "freaks" created their own gear. The "ugliest UK model" goes from August 26 to 11 in the morning on the fifth channel in London. (CATERS NEWS)


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