On a visit to the "Heart of the Motherland"

This story happened a little over a year ago, when the author with your friends were looking for another climb to the territory of the hotel "Russia".
I take a look at where he brought them this way.

On a warm summer day we wandered around the hotel "Russia", looking at the bad fence, and in considering how we would get inside. To get into the least desirable because the underground part of the hotel promised us a lot of interesting from the point of view of local history.

At some point in our hazy minds the idea is not to climb a fence on top and try to find a hatch that leads us directly to the desired. To this end, several peredergany hatches while for one of them we can not open a small dimly lit tunnelchik with communication cables, sealed in a lead sheath, under which oil is pumped under pressure with cheese. If a cable is damaged, attempting to listen to it soon will be seen on the pressure drop in the communication station ... "That's it" - we thought and leaped down.

Contrary to our expectations, the course is not led off to the side of the hotel, and all famous buildings of red brick. Just a few things became apparent:
Everywhere - motion sensors, bypass that we simply do not variantov.Mestechko it - obviously not godforsaken heating mains, so that soon it will come hozyaeva.Summiruya these two facts, we have to either get out now or run as far as possible.

Of course, we chose the third option and sensors do not have to wait. They hung every few meters and warmly lit red light to meet us.

Under sensors, incidentally, is all that is possible, even simple hatches on the surface.

After a few tens of minutes walk we came to a fork, where it was indicated exactly where we continue. Obviously, at the time we made this inscription for spies, so they do not get lost and knew exactly where to next.

Under the Kremlin leads procession with a semicircular arch. After going through it quite a long distance, we reach the right turn. There is a tunnel briskly up and rests against the freshly painted lattice sensor. at this moment we realize that we are already on the territory of the Kremlin, and ... resolves to turn around, as further seepage through the lattice more difficult and that a break until he examined all the tunnels, you do not want. In addition, once in prison, around the corner is the camera and then post the employee organization no matter what, so just like that to go into the hands did not want to give up.

We go back to the main fork and turn in the direction of St. Basil's Cathedral. In this photo we are between him and the Kremlin wall, a little closer to the cathedral. Well, under the ground, of course.

Notice access to the ventilation shaft, climb on it, but there ktobyvydumali? Magic Rabbit! Spasskaya Tower. Our adventures were worth this picture.

It's a place outside of the morning:

On the way back we explored all sboyki and crannies where you do not have time to look. At one point we saw a small inconspicuous door, which is guarded by huge Cockroach 8-9 centimeters in length. To say that I was scared - to say nothing, so I just tried to beat him down, but it despite its size was agile and fast, and in two leaps disappeared into the darkness.

Ironically, the cockroach has played a role. Near the door was right, we turn in the tunnel to crawl out, but we were busy with a cockroach at the end of the tunnel there was light lanterns and trampling. Realizing that to us it is better not to go, we pulled the door. It is, oddly open and showed her a passage to a nearby kabelnik. The trail we already swept loud "Stop!", But we decided not to stay and quickly ran to the end. At the end it turned out to be a dead end: a pair of empty concrete branches door with mortise lock and all. Light behind rapidly approaching and we ducked under the pipe in one of the branches. As it turned out, in time. After a minute and ran security Monterey Ryskov lanterns everywhere, swearing and periodically communicating with the dispatcher. We sat motionless just two meters away from them. By the way, in some comedy show in exciting situations, sweat pouring down almost stream. We had the same thing, we were sitting in the bath, completely soaked by his own sweat and podsokchivshim heart rhythm. Adrenaline KLO.

Security, little hang out in the neighborhood, he went further. We decided to stay and wait until they are gone for good and that was our main mistake. I think we even had a chance to disappear, but we miss the bus. After 10 minutes of security returned and began to examine every corner of a more thorough way. We found :(

"Host" side scared screaming and worried - "Terrorists, che." Right away all things, backpacks, cell phones and lights, had to go through the collector in the dark. Conclusion As these terrorists' hands against the wall, one does not talk ", in general, have fun :)

The ATS wrote explanatory, they say, "We are beginning diggers, wanted to go to the ruins of the Russian hotel, but climb over the fence could not, because there is chop and decided to try to get under the ground, through the collector. The collector did not go there, get lost and after a while met Moskollektor employees and the police. ยป

As a result, all ended well and never lasted. These are the dungeons of the Kremlin. All. :)

Source: zapret-no.livejournal.com


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