D-Freak: Whether the girl, and whether the vision ...

One of the main contenders to win the reality show aimed at finding a top model, revealed his biggest secret ... she was a man. 22-year-old Mishalina Manios, a participant of the show from Poland, was born a hermaphrodite, she had both male and female sex organs. Four years ago, she is officially considered a man, then she underwent surgery to change sex.

"I was born a hermaphrodite, but when doctors first saw me, he thought I was a boy because of the apparent existence of male genitals - penis and scrotum", - he told the judges Mishalina popular show. This confession she made before the vote, which gave the candidates an opportunity to go to the next round. "I grew up feeling more women than men, which is why four years ago, I underwent surgery to remove the male attributes, and changed its name," - she added. Mishalina native of Lodz, Poland before moving to Paris, she studied linguistics. She is fluent in six languages, including English, French, Swedish and Russian.


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