Improper parking - a crime (video)

Improper parking - a felony?

Shocking images have appeared today at the disposal of our television. In St. Petersburg traffic police outfit called a tow truck to take away from the street incorrectly parked car. At this point, it appeared the owners ...

The man began to negotiate with the inspector. (According to the law - he must pay a fine and the car drive away. The evacuation in the presence of the owner is prohibited and that the lawyers repeatedly explained.) As can be seen, to solve the problem peacefully failed. The driver climbed into the tow truck (take away a car with a man on board is also against the law) - and then the men in uniform went into action:
The rest was like the detention of dangerous criminals. The numerical advantage is clearly on the side of the police. They knocked to the ground first, an old man, and then his wife. Zalamali their hands, obysali pockets. Random passers-by tried to intervene - and also fell under the blows ... the Inspector drew up a report on the provision of resistance to police officers.

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