Funny place on the planet that can see in Google Earth

Nude "Kern Abbas Giant" - a figure of a man, laid out in chalk on a hillside near the village of Kern Abbas in England. They say that it is an ancient Heracles, or the Celtic god of fertility. According to some reports, this figure has been laid out in the 17th century. In 2007, he appeared next to Homer Simpson.

The guard badlands

Surprisingly, the Indian face - this is not the work of man. It was created by nature. The relief of approximately 255 to 225 meters located in the Canadian province of Alberta, near the border with the United States. On the creation of "headphone" People have worked - in fact it's an oil well and the road to it.

Face of Christ

Vague miraculous image of Jesus Christ was discovered in a field in Hungary.

Giant Tarapaca

One of the oldest geoglyphs in the world of 9,000 years, it is located in the Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world.


This Gulliver lying on the grass near Edinburgh, Scotland, looks very old, but in reality it was made in 1976 in the framework of promoting the area Kreygmillar. It is made of concrete, and for a long time, Gulliver is a large concrete sculpture in Europe.


In the future, the portrait of the father of the Turks - the former president, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk - will celebrate its thirtieth anniversary. Three thousand people laid out a 130-foot face of limestone, some of which was painted in black.

Genghis Khan

Portrait of a Mongolian chief of all time carved on a hillside near the Mongolian capital of Ulan Bator.

Osmingtonskaya white horse

White horses have a special meaning in life geoglifistov. Hoof near the village of Sutton Poyntz in the UK Established in the 18th century.

Pink Rabbit

60-meter pink bunny, made in 2005, the art group Getlin, reclines in the Italian hills, 65 km from Monaco. It is linked from woolen yarn, stuffed with straw and still vigorous. Getlin assure that the rabbit will live another 15 years, and lead in his paunch excursions.


The island is called Galesnyak, located in Croatia, belongs to a private person and was formerly inhabited. He became famous two years ago after he was found adherents of Google Earth and spread a picture of the network. Shortly before the February 14, 2009 the owner of the island Vlado Dzhuresko bombarded with questions, how to spend the holiday on Galesnyake. Now it is one of the tourist symbols of Croatia.


Since this hill land absolutely does not stand out - the usual mound of 800 meters. A satellite Sudanese hill looks just exactly like the lips.

Island Time

Celtic sign "Island Time" was created in 1995 near the airport in Munich artist William Holderidom.


It dumps the largest quarry in the world, belongs to the largest copper producer - Chilean National Copper Corporation.


The vast expanses of Nevada - a favorite place for the creation of strange characters.


Arab Sheikh Hamad bin Hamdan Al Nahyan dug on his island Futaisi about Abu Dhabi his name. The letters - one kilometer, the first two letters are the shipping channel.

Lenin 100 years

In Russia there is a huge picture in the main from the Soviet era, and they are connected with the Soviet Union, communism and, of course, Lenin. A huge forest belt in the form of the inscription "Lenin 100 years" is in the Kurgan region, and near the village of Arkhangelsk.

Advertising KFC

Logo Kentucky Fried Chicken in Nevada, seen from space.


Browser logo was made in 2006 in a cornfield near the city of Portland, Oregon. Fire fox area of ​​more than 4000 sq.m. It marked the 50 millionth download Mozilla Firefox.

Coca Cola

100th anniversary of Coca-Cola in Chile otmetitli the creation of the logo of the 70 000 bottles. The largest Coca Cola logo has dimensions of 120 by 50 meters.

Eat pecans

The simple but impressive appeal has pecans located in the state of New Mexico



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