"Morning" concept Pc, 4 photos + text

It is unlikely that this model kontseptulnaya PC cause a lot of resentment. Most likely, the reaction will be reversed. Familiarize and express their own vision of the practical implementation of this model.

Why the morning? Because a certain group of people (by occupation, their own way of life), barely awake, you must get to a computer. It is unlikely that the body will be glad of such awakening. And obviously, that maximum productivity is committed to 0. Most likely, with the aim to discourage such a person, and the habit was created conceptual model of the PC - Yano PC

This is a personal computer that does not take an impressive part of the space and is made in the form factor of a mug. Yano PC serves as a small information center, which is experiencing a need for all of us at this time of day.

Yano PC inform its owner about traffic jams on the road, the new e-mail messages, weather, stock quotes. Managing such a mini-concept is carried out through the touch interface. And if you just want to enjoy the fragrant morning coffee / tea, then you can select your favorite graphic content and use it as a screen saver. Or just read comics, and periodically check the time.
Ideological founder of this concept is Jason Farsai.



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