Tea from the handle of the drawer cabinets

This whistling kettle made of a handle drawer cabinets. It so happens that because of the relatively large size, it has a non-traditional doll miniature scale: 1 to 10.
The author shows it as a learning tool for beginners chaynikodelov and other modelers, as an example of the use of readily available materials and household items in the manufacture of miniature doll.

Used in the manufacture of pot materials:
-ruchka of the box (the main part - the case),
-oblomok the radio antenna,
-button automatic ballpoint pen,
-two pins with beads on the end,
Button-Type battery,
-konservnaya Bank,
Insulated electric wire,
-provoloka from the packaging of children's toys,
-epoksidny glue,
-serebristy marker.

1. examine the workpiece from all sides, wondering whether to discontinue deal with nonsense and do not tie you handle the drawer into place until your home did not notice her absence.


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