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1 on the surface of a pond lily floats one that constantly grows and divides. Thus, daily area occupied lilies, doubled. A month later, the entire surface is covered pond. How long does it covered the entire surface of the pond with water lilies, if the original surface will swim two water lilies? 15 days -1 Month Day 23 days Week 3 days
2 Three chicken three days are three eggs. How many eggs will carry the same 12 chickens for 12 days? 54 48 132 96
3 In a city built a new area of ​​100 homes. Masters for the production of tablets manufactured and brought a pack of new tablets with the numbering of houses from 1 to 100. Count the number of digits 9 found in these tablets (figures 9 and 6 are different figures). Nov. 20 September 12
4 One gentleman, showing his friend the portrait painted by his order an artist, said: "I have no sisters, no brothers, but the father of this man was the son of my father." Who was depicted in the portrait?
5 When edition took 2775 figures to enumerate its pages. How many pages are in the book? 1118 961 863 949
6 In order to obtain an orange ink, a yellow ink to be mixed color (6 parts) and red (2 parts). How many grams of orange paint are available (maximum), having the presence of 3 grams of yellow and 3 grams of red paint? 6 4 5 5.5
7 Five diggers 5 hours dig ditches 5 m. How long will it diggers to dig ditches 100 m for 100 hours? May 12 24 100
8 Pete Cole and bought a box of chocolates. Each carton contains 12 chocolates. Peter from his box ate some candy, and Nick from his box of chocolates eaten so much, how much is left in a box at the Petit. How many sweets left for two at the Peter and Coley? 12 June 10 nor one
9 If one cubic meter split into its constituent cubic millimeters and connect them to each other faces in a straight line, what is the length of this line would be? 1 km 1000km 100m 1000m
10 One man asked: - How old are you? - Honesty, - he said. - I'm older than some of his relatives almost six hundred times. Can this be? Yes No
11 If a ball, smooth cube and cylinder are simultaneously started up down the inclined plane that first find himself at the bottom? Bowl Cube Cylinder Simultaneously
12 What are the two numbers (in ascending order), in which the number of digits equal to the number of letters that make up the name of each of these numbers.
13 Lena lives on the fourth floor, with, rising to his home, she runs upstairs 60 steps. Julia lives in the same entrance on the second floor. How many steps takes Julia, rising to his home on the second floor? 10 20 30 50
14 When my father was 31 years old, I was 8 years old, and now the father is older than me by half. How old I am now?
15 Do you think the same way whether noise coniferous and deciduous forests? Yes No
16 three-digit number is increasing from (left to right) digits. If this number is read, all the words will start at one and the same letter. What is this number?
17 Man jumping out of his chair. In his hands he holds the scales on the cup which carry the weight of 10 kg. In what will be the division of the scales during the fall? 10 0 Weight 10kg person + 100
18 On board the steamer was launched steel ladder. The lower rungs of the ladder 4 immersed in water. Each step has a thickness of 5 cm; the distance between two adjacent rungs is 30 cm. the tide in which the water level began to rise at a rate of 40 cm per hour. What do you think, how many steps will be underwater in 2 hours? April 8 December 15
19 Many people know that one square meter consists of one million square millimeters (1000x1000 = 1,000,000). But here there was one boy who could not believe it. "I will never believe that this piece of paper fit a million square millimeters, while personally did not count all the cells!" - He said, holding a square meter of special drawing paper, already lined with cells in the millimeter. So early one morning he woke up and began to meticulously count the cells on paper, pencil faithfully noting each of counted cells. What do you think - if he could that day to make sure that a square meter actually encompasses a million square millimeters? Yes No
20 On Race Walking is one of the participants at a given distance reached a speed of 3 m / s. With what speed he threw walking foot of each leg? 4 6 5 7
21 tennis tournament hundred twenty and seven participants in the first round hundred twenty-six players of the sixty-three pairs, the winners of which will go to the next round, and another player goes into the second round without playing. In the next round - sixty-four players have played thirty-two match. How many matches will need to determine the winner? 63,126 64,122


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