E-go Revolt - Russia's new sports car

A small Moscow-based company E-Go Motors has announced plans to create a sports car Revolt. Currently we developed a design project, and has already started the construction of the machine.
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How will the new Russian sports car, you can see in the render, provided us E-Go Motors. The project can not be considered a low-budget, but custom-made lighting and some small details exterior space is just money, so they borrowed from the mass-produced cars (guess what and who).

But the 19-inch wheels (245/40/19 dimension of the front, rear 325/3019) just made to order - by the Japanese Work. With regard to the technical stuffing, designers decided to build on the platform Mitsubishi. The three-liter engine V6 Twinturbo, boosted to 550 hp, docked with enhanced 6-speed transmission. It uses active air suspension.

Brakes select appropriate major thrust-weight ratio Revolt: front - six-piston Rotora, with the brake discs with a diameter of 425 mm; rear - four-Movit, with brake discs with a diameter 342 mm. The control units of the car electronic systems are developed by ┬źNational Instruments┬╗, known in the field of aerospace technology. All electronic systems in the vehicle to be controlled with Touch Screen monitor located on the steering wheel.




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