Russian missile cruiser

In response to the British took 24 hours.

Representatives of the Royal Navy Command reported that the Russian missile cruiser was found 30 miles off the coast of Scotland. The Royal Navy of England was caught by surprise and while the Russian missile cruiser went along the coast - from England, found only one warship, which took 24 hours, which would have to go to the area of ​​finding a ship of the Russian Navy.

The incident occurred a few days before Christmas, caused a real shock to the British government. After the discovery of the ship is almost in its territorial waters, it was urgently convened Command Navy and Air Force in the bunker near London to coordinate the response. All event was kept secret at the moment.

Reconnaissance aircraft began tracking promote Russian warship when it was approaching the north-east of Scotland. Tensions increased when received reports that the Russian ship is fully loaded with missiles and ready to fight. The command of the Royal Navy given the military might of the Russian cruiser, has decided to send a new ship «Type 45 destroyer HMS Defender», which incidentally was the only one able to advance in a predetermined area.

The Russian ship was waiting for the reaction of the British fleet to stay near Moray Firth.

Ship «Type 45 destroyer HMS Defender» at that time was in the dock in Portsmouth. He was forced to make a 600-mile trek along the coast, to reach the zone of finding the Russian missile cruiser. Due to budget cuts in military spending in England, there is no maritime patrol ships on patrol off the coast of Scotland.

British War Office stated that - "It was not training - Russian ship behaved very aggressively in the waters bordering closely with British territorial waters. Our planes began to lead him under surveillance and it was decided that HMS Defender should block the advance of the Russian ship. The tense standoff began after HMS Defender reached the Moray Firth, and tried to establish the intention of the Russian cruiser. Our ship was ready to fight and the captain and the crew knew it was the real deal and they were ready to fight. "

Commanders of the ships exchanged messages on the radio, trying to establish the intentions of each other. The fire did not open, but the crews of the two ships engaged in combat positions, weapons pointing towards each other. Russian ship then just start the engine and headed north to the Baltic Sea. The ship then sailed for England back in Glasgow.

Russia expert Jonathan Eyal of the Royal United Services Institute, said that Russia had sent a cruiser to intimidate Britain. The Russian fleet is gaining strength and expanding its sphere of influence. Russian wanted to show a presence in the North Sea and sailed as close as possible to the national maritime border the UK. Russian know how far can go before a military clash and went almost to the point of beginning itself.

UK military did not name the exact date of the incident, but it is assumed that the situation began December 20 2013, writes According to Russia, the ships followed in Syria and took refuge in the bay from the weather. UK experts believe that the way Russia was checking the speed of response of the British Navy.

Scottish National Party issued a sharp criticism of the British government for the withdrawal from service of aircraft Nimrod, who patrolled stretch of water. In addition, representatives of the party noted that in Scotland not taken a single warship to respond to such situations.




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