Under a still tile

Author: Sobyaninskuyu tile differently as genocide and called Muscovites. I do not know how it is economical and environmentally friendly asphalt, how much money is spent on it and how it will look in the spring. But we can already say that a more sophisticated means of grievous bodily harm to passers-by would be difficult to come up with.

It is unrealistic slippery! And it's not that hard with it and there is nothing to clean the ice. It just is not designed for our climate.

This is the most important photo post. Recently remodeled Autumn boulevard. If not for bike paths, walk along it would have been impossible. Why clean the asphalt, and tile in the ice? I hope you will be able to explain it to me. Perhaps asphalt darker because warmer may, water flows from it blunt, and in the joints of the tile freezes, creating an even more irregularities for fluid accumulation. Or reagents cling to the asphalt, and the tiles are washed away with? Maybe someone is given the command is not hollow and does not scrape the tiles - Dunno how it is reliable?


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