He became a father at 13 years

13-year-old Alfie Patten Eastburn city became one of the youngest fathers in the UK. On February 13 this newspaper The Sun.

Alfie's girlfriend, 15-year-old Shantelli Steadman gave birth to a daughter a few days ago. Shantelli pregnant after one night, which was held by alpha (he was 12 years). About pregnancy women young lovers have learned in the 12th week. They decided to keep the baby and did not tell anyone about the state Shantelli up until her mother noticed that her daughter fattening suspiciously.

Young parents admit they made a mistake, making love without protection. However, they claim that will give her daughter Maisie Roxanne good family. By the way, this family is already experiencing serious financial difficulties. When Shantelli Baby discharged from the hospital, she settled with her child in her parents' home. The girl's father is unemployed, but her parents have five more children. The source of income of the family - state benefits.






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