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The Indians finally released to market its cheapest hatchback.
The official start of sales is scheduled for July. In India, it will open more than one hundred points for trade in these subcompact. Incidentally, the car and provide a guarantee - a half year or 24 thousand kilometers.

Refrigerator Bosch, Philips plasma screen with a diagonal of 42 inches, a weekly ticket to the tropical islands, set of wheels for off-road ... Each of these products is about 70 thousand rubles, and yet the money is now possible to buy a car. Yes, it is unsightly, but the rides will shelter you from the rain. But to become its owner, you need to live in India, where the factory in Mumbai started production of the cheapest car in the world - hatchback Tata Nano.

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Recall recently in Geneva, showed the European version of the machine, which is equipped with a richer and will cost not two thousand dollars, as many as five thousand euros! That, however, will not prevent the vehicle be the cheapest on the market of the Old World. In Europe, the Nano will be in 2011. A little later, perhaps, the model will be delivered on the US market.


Technically rear-hatch, of course, is not the acme of perfection: the volume of his two-cylinder 33-horsepower gasoline engine all 623 "cube". But the suspension is independent, and our colleagues who managed to ride the Nano, in one voice say that at this price the car is excellent. But then he added: truth, very, very slow. However, the maximum speed at 105 km / h would be enough to break the speed limit in any city in the world. Here are just a boost to the limit lasts forever.


The simplest version - a four-stage "mechanics", a body of one of the three available tsvetov.Bazovaya version is equipped with the buyer's choice either Power or power steering. For an additional fee, you can put the air-conditioning, radio, fog, other rims, and other amenities.


Demand for the car is that in the queue to buy for more than a million people. Therefore, the company decided to select the first 100 thousand customers at random, staging a lottery. Anyone can be purchased for six dollars and fill out an application at one of the thousands of cities and wait for a miracle. But even those lucky enough to be charged with 80% of the fee has not finished the car, get their hatch until the summer, and some are even in the next year. In fact, until the end of 2009 to produce about 60 thousand cars.


Huge queues formed behind the machine due to the fact that the start of production was moved from October last year to April of this. At that time, the beginning of the assembly prevented protests Singur farmers city, where they were to build the plant. Produced cars fell on Mumbai factory firm Tata. Now, however, is under construction a new enterprise in the town of Sanand.


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Over the Nano looks and abilities can laugh as much as necessary. Cheap stuff, but it did not name. Try to remember at least one such car for the last half century. New to passable went and looked decent, but cost as a TV.



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