Amazing love story

The guy offered his beloved hand, heart and wedding dress 9999 red roses.
Love - a wonderful feeling, which sometimes makes people crazy things. Each of us remembers a song about poor artists who sought to win the heart of the actress million scarlet roses. It turns out that such love stories happen in reality. In China, a romantic young man decided to win the heart of his girlfriend's dress from the 9999 unique red roses! After a lucky girl tried on outfit, he is a prince, offered her hand and heart!

Initially, the young Chinese designer Xiao Fang wanted to give his bride a huge bouquet of roses, but knowing the love of a beautiful maiden outfit, decided to surprise Yin Mi. Over the dress day and night work of several dressmakers to have everything ready in time. It is amazing that flowers during the work not wilted and looked great!

Yin Mi in the dress looked charmingly simple, shoulders girls were covered bolero ivory, and a good addition to the addition became bouquet of yellow orchids. Xiao made a proposal beloved amusement park where they met three years ago! And the number of colors for the dress is not accidental: the number 9 in Chinese culture means "eternity". And orchids - a symbol of love, beauty, and goodness.

Xiao managed to win the heart of the girl, now preparing for the wedding couple. I wonder what will be the bride's wedding dress? Most likely, the young designer once again come up with something original! Perhaps he was inspired by the wedding dress of peacock feathers, also created by Chinese designers in 2009, or perhaps eco-dress from newspapers, jeans, army jackets, t-shirts, shopping bags and even garbage, which the author - a former creative director of Levi Strauss Gary Harvey!



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