Parallel Worlds

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Disappeared in space

In 1993, the American weekly "News" reported on the unusual mystical events. The submarine, which is in the area is shrouded in mystery of the Bermuda Triangle, suddenly disappeared ... and a moment later appeared in the Indian Ocean, ten thousand miles from the place where he was.
In this mysterious journey it took only a few tens of seconds, and the crew members of the submarine got older 20-30 years!
A secret Pentagon report about this extraordinary event was presented by a group of experts, and they came to the unanimous conclusion - there was time travel.
The ship was patrolling the coast of southern Florida, where it was assumed splashdown of the capsule with the astronauts.
Suddenly, at a depth of 200 feet boat began to vibrate. The vibration lasted about a minute and then stopped. The satellite navigation system has determined that the ship is in a different point - 300 miles off the east coast of Africa. For 60 seconds the ship overcame 10 thousand miles.
To his surprise, the crew discovered that much older.
All members of this incredible incident were questioned by US military experts and sent by plane to the center of space medicine in Germany. All crew members continued to age. They were deep wrinkles, graying hair, weakened muscles, decreased vision and hearing.

The door to a parallel world?
This output is a parallel world occurred at a small railway station in Vladimir region. However, according to experts such cases are possible and elsewhere. The nature of the phenomenon remains a mystery.
On this day, Alexey Maslov and his daughter Dasha decided to go for mushrooms. Only into the woods, you notice how all rusted piece of metal from afar rather reminiscent of a shell. Alexei Ivanovich, finished, by the way, a technical college, "load" correctly. He told Dasha to move to a safe distance, cautiously approached the subject and found that it is indeed a long-range missile since the Great Patriotic War. However, over the passage of time the danger he had for anyone not represented.
Pulling the detonator and called daughter Maslov went to the train platform - for some reason was not until mushrooms.
And on the platform he suddenly remembered the childish pranks - as they are with the boys beat heavy objects on the patrons, and receive a small explosion. Especially that the detonator completely rotten ... He asked his daughter to find two bricks and hit ...
 - No explosion, nor even any rippling the air I felt, - said Maslov. - But suddenly he found himself in a strange world. Neither Sun nor any other light in the sky was not visible, all poured purple, light coming from nowhere. Heaven and all the space around it was "striated" luminous, crossing each other flashes of that crackled and sparkled like lightning. Underfoot bubbling liquid black mud. It reached almost to his knees and stretched immensely far away. It seemed that this swill - everywhere, and that it is the soil, the top layer of the planet.
But the most surprising was the fact that Maslov clearly and distinctly remember that this planet - the Earth, and it stands on the very spot where there was a minute ago. But there is no way station or the forest - that's another Earth.
How much time he spent in this strange world, Maslov does not remember - it seemed that a few seconds. Then all was lost, and he saw the native green forest in the distance, and a number of asphalted platform - terrified daughter. She saw, too, but somehow very vaguely, as if through a fog, and even corner of my eye noticed a dark side to the high-rise building with empty windows failures.
The most interesting is that neither the daughter nor the father in the world did not see each other.

Tribe of parallel universe
In the jungles of New Guinea discovered amazing people, claiming that he lives in two worlds at the same time - and this unknown parallel universe.
People tribe oolug say that when they fall into a trance, then enter the land of shadows, where there is eternal darkness and inhabited by monsters. Portraying this dual existence, the people of the tribe paint over half of the body with black paint.
According to anthropologists, it is in many ways a strange people. Several times a day oolugi freeze in place, their eyes glaze - in such moments, they say, they visit the land of shadows. Oolugi say that Shadowland similar to Earth, but it prevails slightly different physical laws, for example, the people there can jump 15 meters in height. There are other animals live - winged gorillas and giant ants the size of a dog, which was nicknamed oolugi kyathos.
In the Land of the day, so they call Earth oolugi - peaceful tribe. But Shadowland they constantly raid the settlements of their enemies, reminiscent, according to their descriptions, the Neanderthals.
Scientists are not seen as perfectly healthy young people suddenly fell down dead, while in a trance. Their compatriots were told that they were killed in another world during the fight with the enemy, or that they ate kyathos. After inspecting the body, Dr. Westcott found them nowhere who had taken wounds. Double scientist witnessed, like waking from a trance oolugov appeared in his hand some items - knives reposition the handle crystal violet, what, in his opinion, does not exist on Earth. He was able to obtain from the single crystal oolugov and send to the London lab, which experts reiterated the commitment of the assumption made by anthropologist. It looks like the savages from the island of New Guinea really possess secret inter-dimensional travel.

Time travel
Five years ago, the Mexican newspaper described the mysterious story that happened on the train en route from Mexico City to Acapulco. In a compartment, where the young surgeon and a woman with a child, suddenly appeared disheveled, terrified man dressed in a long coat. On his head wearing the powdered wig. In one hand he held a quill in the other - a large leather purse.
 - I - Minister Jorge de Balenciaga - he shouted, shaking with fear. - Where I am? The surgeon ran for the conductor. Back in the compartment, he saw that the man who called himself a minister, disappeared. The conductor has decided that it wanted to play a trick on the long and indignant, torn from his affairs while on the floor found no physical evidence - pen and wallet.
The surgeon took both subjects and showed them to the historians who have determined that they belong to the XVIII century. The archives managed to find documents with a curious postscript then Bishop, from which it followed that the Minister de Balenciaga, already an elderly man, allegedly falling into madness, everyone talked about how one day, returning home late at night, he saw right in front of an iron, as long as a snake, "a diabolical crew» & quot ;, bursting with fire and smoke. Then, according to the minister, he inexplicably was inside the monstrous vehicle, which sat oddly dressed people, whom he took to be minions of Satan. Not afraid of a joke, de Balenciaga recited a prayer to the Lord, calling on Him for help. Suddenly, he found himself again on the streets of Mexico City. Despite the fact that it repeatedly from The Exorcist to common sense, he did not come back until his death.



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