Parallel Worlds

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They say that in the world there are dangerous areas, where regular people disappear sometimes without a trace, and sometimes as if some unseen force moves them somewhere else ... Even statistics confirm annually in the world is lost without trace nearly two million people. The vast majority of these disappearances fully explained by natural causes: accidents, natural disasters ... But suppression of the minority ... It is somehow in any frame does not fit.

1. The Hut on Chicken Legs
This strange story took place near St. Petersburg in the summer of 1993. According to the participants, it was so. Together with two friends Alex Volzhanin went fishing. On Friday, they piled into an old "Moskvich" and went to the Karelian Isthmus. That's where a mere fisherman's paradise! Beautiful nature, excellent biting. Friends have long discovered these places, and travel scheme was worked out to the smallest detail - an evening departure, overnight campfire, fishing in the morning dawn, a festive dinner and return home. But this time everything went wrong. They drove up to the coveted place when the storm broke. Lightning thrashed in trees surround the dense road system, reflected in the wet asphalt. One of the flares was so close and strong, that Volzhanin sitting behind the wheel for a moment blind. This moment almost proved fatal for friends. The car jumped the highway and hit the thick pines ... True, he Volzhanin later claimed that ran off the road is not due to lightning, so that the hood of the car appeared in front of a silhouette of a monster - hairy monsters with glowing eyes. But as more unknown creature one of my friends saw it ... So forget the accident. Three sheets to the machine. All levels ... What do the unlucky travelers? The nearest station, a few dozen kilometers. Then someone noticed near flame - is the light of the window of a small house. Leaving the car, friends went to the hut that stood on stilts over the brook. -Remember, I even joked, "Hut, hut, stand up to me before, his back to the forest," - says Volzhanin. - Climb the slippery steps of the high porch. At the sound of an old woman opened the door. Again I had the feeling that we were in a fairy tale - well sheer Baba Yaga! About anything without asking, without saying anything, she silently skipped into the house drenched mountain-fishermen. - It is now, in hindsight, I realize that the whole story - nonsense to absurdity - recognized Volzhanin. - Where did the house where we never saw even know the places "and from"? But at the moment we were both enchanted - nothing surprising. A hut on chicken legs? Very useful! A candle on a table in an old candlestick? So, maybe the electricity from the storm passed out! Strange mistress without saying for the whole meeting a word? Or maybe it is silent? .. Woman wretches fed hot soup, wash the wound some broth, make a compress ... Burnt, they lay down on the floor postelennuyu blankets and fast asleep. And in the morning I woke up ... in the open air! - It was like an obsession - tell friends. - Hospitable house disappeared instead stood poluobvalivshiesya wall, built of granite boulders. We carefully examined the ruins of the empty openings instead of doors and windows - no sign of life ... Apparently, it was an old water mill. In those places a lot of debris, and nothing surprising about them. But where has disappeared house where we spent the night? Not as we moved to a new location sleepy? Yes and no there are no houses. Later we checked - no housing was not there. And another oddity - the morning of the wounds on the affected fishermen were only thin brown stripes, and they soon grew pale and disappeared Friends fishermen argue that the whole story - the truth. At the same time they refer to members of the local traffic police, who helped them to tow the car. A traffic police were told that something like this has happened to some even a man in 1982, landed in the night accident in the same place. That, they say, too, spent the night waiting for help from some witches at the mill ... - What could it be? - Asks Volzhanin. - Maybe we visited last time in these places people are still living? Or a fairy tale - a visit at Baba Yaga? Or is it we just imagining things? ..

2. On a bicycle in the past
In 1973, some Edna Hedzhis riding a bike on Ermayn Street that runs around Swindon (England). Started this storm, a strange red mist shrouded the earth ... Edna went with the bike and seeing the roadside a small house, decided to wait out the bad weather there. In the house lived a stern old man, who allowed the girl to sit out the rain, but do not say a word ... Then Edna discovered that over rides a bicycle on the road. As the circumstances under which she left the house, she could not remember how she tried. And this house, as it turned out, in the places he has never been ... Also girlfriend was waiting Edna noticed that her clothes were completely dry, while they themselves were soaked to the strings. It is tempting, of course, by combining these stories suggest that from time to time in the space opens the door to "fabulous worlds." After all, there are on earth anomalous zones, "gates" to other spatial and temporal dimensions? Exist! Tales of them know how much? And more interesting is that many of them mentioned any red glow or purple mist. Some very smart scientists believe that next to our world there may be so-called "parallel worlds", and sometimes they come into contact - the passages are opened, while the powerful energy emission. So that lightning may well serve as the "key" to the door in such a world. It is quite possible that some fairy tale - it's just the memories of witnesses who visited the parallel space.

3.Gde wandered boy?
This here is a mysterious "loss" of our world occurred in the village of Kratovo. Three days in the forest looking like a teenager vanished. Not found. And when at last the young man appeared on the threshold of his home, his mother a little Kondraty not enough - the boy from head to toe was bleeding! Where was Sasha, what happened to him? He himself could not answer these questions. But it seems that the boy visited ... in another time and in another dimension. At least, that's how the story looks as presented by the now adult Selikova Alexander: "It was January 20, 1973. I was only fifteen years incomplete. I loved to walk in the woods alone, and even built himself a hut in the tall pines. It was at a height of approximately seventeen meters. There I climbed that day. It was cold-about 22 degrees below zero, sunny and special bezvetrenno.Nichego around me did not happen, at least I do not remember anything. And yet something was wrong because I woke up in the snow under a pine tree. I opened my eyes - the starry sky above me. Caps not, all face some sticky hands too ... I got up, as if in a half-conscious, and trudged home. And there ... In short it turned out that I was looking for already three days. Mother when she saw me, fainted. I was all in blood - face, hands ... But when I was washed, it was found that the body no scratches or injury. I do not even frost-bitten! The next day as if nothing had happened went to school. But ... Those who know me well, began to openly say: "Our replaced Sasha" I really became a somehow different. And the world has changed, and the train of thought - even handwriting became more! How it is in the forest unconscious boy was able to survive for three days at 22 degrees of frost and freeze? Whose blood was on teenagers .. All these questions the answers yet.



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